Kirsp Consultants

We are a European based consultancy organisation, close-by Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Kirsp Consultants is specialised in helping start-up and established organisations specialised in AI / High Performance Computing / Data processing, who have the ambition to expand in EMEA market territory.

Kirsp Aviation

This Business Unit is specialised in High-Profile Inspection services, done by aircraft or UAV (Drone), performed by our licensed and experienced pilots.

Our network includes access to highly skilled and experienced engineers working closely with High Performance compute / AI environments in order to post process if needed.

For more info please contact:

    EMEA HQ Office:
    Galjoen 22-29
    8243 LM LELYSTAD
    Office: +31 (0) 320 22 12 02
    Mobile: +31 (0) 614 17 98 10